Front Porch Inc., the leading supplier of in browser notifications for broadband Internet providers, today announced that it has expanded services for Iowa Telecom assisting in the integration of new customer acquisitions in Minnesota. The Front Porch solution will be deployed to improve the transition of acquired customers during and after the merger.

”Front Porch has helped us communicate effectively and efficiently with our customers for years. Front Porch technology will help us improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and reduce customer service calls,” said Rob Satterfield, Director ISP & Data Network Operations at Iowa Telecom.
“Iowa Telecom has been a great partner with Front Porch and we’re excited to help provide the best possible service to their newest customers and ensure a smooth transition. Internet providers know that excellent customer service is critical to the long-term success of their company and Iowa Telecom is truly a market leader in merger subscriber communication. We’re glad to be able to provide technology that assists them in fulfilling their vision of providing ‘Telephone Service with a Personal Touch,’” said Derek Maxson, President of Front Porch, Inc.

Using its patented customer messaging technology, Front Porch enables MSOs, telecoms, mobile and other Internet providers to bridge the communication gap with their customers. These solutions increase revenue and decrease costs related to customer service, delinquent accounts, and terms of use violations.
About Iowa Telecom
Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc. (d/b/a Iowa Telecom) is a telecommunications service provider that offers local telephone, long distance, Internet, broadband and network access services to business and residential customers. Today, the Company and its subsidiaries serve over 450 Iowa communities, 10 Minnesota communities and employs approximately 800 people. The Company’s headquarters are in Newton, Iowa. The Company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IWA. For further information regarding Iowa Telecom, please go to and select “Investor Relations.” The Iowa Telecom logo is a registered trademark of Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc. in the United States.


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