Front Porch Inc. and Active Broadband Networks today announce a joint demonstration at CableLabs® Winter Conference of Active Broadband Networks’ innovative Active Resource Manager and Front Porch’s direct-to-browser Subscriber Messaging Platform. We will show how the two systems can be integrated to provide a direct-to-browser message to Internet users alerting them of their current network resource consumption level. Two powerful use cases will be demonstrated: a “fuel gauge” showing the customers’ current monthly consumption of bandwidth and an alert window when a customer has reached 80% utilization.

Active Broadband Networks technology is based upon the open standards of IPDR, which has been broadly embraced by CableLabs® and its members. DOCSIS® 3.0 is being deployed by Cable Operators to provide new and higher speed services to their subscribers. The additional IPDR functionality in DOCSIS® 3.0 significantly improves network and service management where high reliability and large volumes of information are required. The Active Resource Manager is an IPDR collection, storage and processing system designed to meet the needs of Cable Operators. Active Broadband Networks technology uses the IPDR standards to measure bandwidth consumption at a granular level, accurately and cost-effectively.

Front Porch’s direct-to-browser Subscriber Messaging platform supports Service Providers in 40 countries, enabling Providers to deliver engaging, cost-effective messages that provides a better customer communication experience. Our bandwidth consumption messaging solution communications an accurate real-time measurement of customer bandwidth usage direct to the customers’ browser. Effective customer communication of bandwidth usage is vital to the implementation of bandwidth usage caps.

“Active Broadband Networks is a natural partner for Front Porch. They clearly have an emerging technology to help MSOs with the complex issues of resource management. Our customers realize that accuracy, clarity and communication are key components to the successful deployment of solutions to manage the use of bandwidth and Active Broadband Networks delivers the technology to meet this need,” said Derek Maxson, President and Chief Technology Officer of Front Porch.

Adam Dunstan, President of Active Broadband Networks remarked, “We are excited to partner with Front Porch to help our customers effectively communicate to users their current consumption of network resources. Front Porch Subscriber Messaging is a powerful addition to our technology, allowing MSOs to complete the offering and bridge the gap to the consumer.”

About Active Broadband Networks
Active Broadband Networks is a leading provider of Open Source Subscriber Service and Broadband Network Management systems. We are the developers of the Active Resource Manager; a Subscriber Service Management and Broadband Network Management platform based upon the emerging IPDR protocol standards. The Active Resource Manager provides a subscriber-service-centric view of network resource usage that is unavailable in current network management systems. It further leverages this information to predict future demands, identify top-talkers by service class, implement per-subscriber usage quotas and measure subscriber experience. Designed to meet the needs of Broadband Service Providers, the Active Resource Manager is available in three editions including a distributed system supporting up-to 100 million subscriber devices. The Active Resource Manager is an Open Source platform. This benefits our customers by eliminating complex licensing, easing integration with other Operational Support Systems, and offering choice in on-going support and functionality development. Active Broadband Networks provides commercial support and professional services for the Active Resource Manager.

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