SONORA, Calif., Nov 1 2012 – Front Porch, Inc. will demonstrate how Wi-Fi providers in all industries (cable, carrier, retail, resort, venue, metro) can improve their subscribers’ experience and their own bottom lines at the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Francisco, Nov. 6–7, 2012.

Front Porch is the creator of a powerful communications platform that empowers Wi-Fi providers to deliver messages — such as product promotions, app discovery, and service notifications — to subscribers’ smartphones while they surf the web. Front Porch in-browser notification options allow network operators to put any graphical content on any device’s screen and control the presentation effects and timing of delivery as users surf anywhere on the Internet. Some network operators deliver transparent watermarks of their logo in the bottom right corner of the browser. Others deliver a interactive toolbar across the bottom of the screen with multiple functions and messages. Available as an appliance or a cloud service, the Front Porch solution lets Wi-Fi providers brand and monetize Wi-Fi, deliver product offers, gather business intelligence, increase app adoption, and turn showroomers into buyers.

Company representatives will be on hand at the event to demonstrate the solution’s ease of use. In addition, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, Derek Maxson, President and CTO of Front Porch, will take part in a panel discussion on developing and monetizing networks.

About Front Porch: Front Porch is the worldwide leader in Wi-Fi monetization. Its services use the patented PorchLight technology to generate millions of dollars for thousands of retailers, venues, and service providers in the U.S. and abroad. Front Porch is headquartered in Sonora, California, with additional offices in Europe and Asia.

About the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress: The WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress is the world’s largest carrier-grade Wi-Fi event, bringing together more than 300 industry leaders from all parts of the ecosystem.