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Front Porch Programmatic Advertising Privacy Policy

Front Porch is an organization located in Sonora, California that offers online advertising services to Internet Service Providers and Broadband Operators. This Privacy Policy describes our overall privacy practices regarding the programmatic advertising solution we provide.



About Cookies

A cookie is a small bit of data stored on a user’s web browser issued from a website, and Front Porch utilizes cookies to help with the collection and use of anonymous browsing data. Front Porch uses a persistent cookie that remains stored locally on the user’s computer for an extended period of time.

Users can easily remove persistent cookies by following the specific directions provided by the web browser (typically found in the “Help” or “Settings” portion of the application). Front Porch does not not link the information stored in persistent cookies to any personally identifiable information you enter while browsing a website. Users can also reject the use of cookies entirely, again via your browser’s settings, but certain functions of many websites may not function as intended.


Clear Gifs (Web Beacons/Web Bugs)

Front Porch takes advantage of a technology known as “clear gifs”, also known as Web Beacons or Web Bugs to assist us in better managing our ad-related content. Essentially, clear gifs are very small graphical elements (about the size of the period at the end of this sentence) displayed on a website that contain unique identifying information. Similar to cookies, clear gifs are used to keep track of a user’s web activity.

Unlike cookies, however, clear gifs are embedded behind-the-scenes on the website itself – not stored locally on a user’s computer via the browser application. Front Porch does not link the information accumulated by clear gifs to any user’s personal information. We do collect some information (that is not personally identifiable to individual users) from clear gifs to conduct our advertising services.

This completely anonymous data includes such information as:

  • A user’s IP address
  • Date, time, and duration of Internet browsing
  • Lists of websites the user has visited in a particular session
  • Responses (if any) the user gave to advertising content

The type of anonymous data we collect isn’t limited to the examples above, and as the Internet and the technology that powers it evolves, there may be more types that aren’t listed above.

Front Porch collects only non-personally identifiable data to assist our advertising partners to share their content with users who are more likely to be interested. We also utilize this anonymous data to improve our own services and improve the overall customer experience.

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Mobile Advertising Unique IDs

Mobile devices that are able to connect to and browse the Internet (smartphones and tablets) each come with a unique identifier. These are unique to the device and are embedded to the device’s hardware. These unique IDs were created with advertising purposes in mind, giving advertisers the ability to monitor the device owner’s interests and preferences.

Opting Out of Mobile Advertising Unique IDs

The process for resetting your unique mobile advertising ID depends on if you have an iOS-powered device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or an Android-powered device (Samsung Galaxy, LG G4, etc.).

Opting Out for iOS Devices: Users can reset their Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) or completely disable it (via a setting called “Limit Ad Tracking”) by navigating to Settings>Privacy>Advertising. For more information, see the Apple Support topic here:

Option Out for Android Devices: Android users can similarly reset their Android Advertising ID (AAID) Android Advertising ID or opt out completely by navigating to Apps>Google Settings>Ads. Users can select to reset their AAID or to opt-out of all interest-based ads.


Front Porch has a policy to not store or collect personally identifiable information (PII) to target ads to specific users. However, some of our partners may ask users to register and disclose PII data. We are 100% committed to ensuring our partners provide adequate and transparent choices to all consumers when it comes to PII data, but please note that the collection of said PII is controlled by the individual policies found on the sites at which the PII data is entered. We cannot control those third party sites, and as such, Front Porch strongly recommend that you conduct individual research and take any steps you feel appropriate to control the use of PII on third party sites.

Data Retention

The information collected on third-party sites is retained for 30 days.



Front Porch takes advantage of industry-standard safeguards when it comes to physical, technical/electronic, and administrative protection of all consumer data, whether it be PII or non-PII data. While we make every best effort to protect all data, we cannot provide a guarantee that consumer data will never be altered, stolen, destroyed, or otherwise accessed by a breach of any of the aforementioned safeguards.

Children’s Privacy

Front Porch is particularly sensitive to the issue of children’s privacy online, and as such, our website, products and services are not directed at or indented to attract children 13 years of age or under. Front Porch will collect no information from users who we know are under the age of 13. If you have reason to believe that your or any child 13 years old or younger has provided Front Porch with PII data or registered at Front Porch’s website, please contact us immediately if you would like to have the data removed.

Sale of Front Porch Assets

If another company acquires all or most of the assets related to Front Porch, we reserve the right to include any or all both PII and non-PII data along with the assets transferred to the acquiring company. If we are involved in a merger or acquisition where this scenario occurs, all Front Porch users will be contacted to be notified of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information. We will also attempt to highlight all choices available to you regarding your personal data.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The Front Porch privacy policy is subject to change without notice. We may change our policy at any time by posting a new version of it on our website. Any material changes made will be published on this site before the changes go into effect.

Front Porch encourages you to visit this site often to stay up to date on our latest policies and practices. This privacy policy was last updated on May 24, 2016. All questions and comments about this privacy policy can be mailed to our Chief Privacy Officer at 905 Mono Way, Sonora, California 95370.