Front Porch Wi-Fi Presence

Use Your Wi-Fi Network to discover Visitor Trends and understand Traffic Flow

Every successful organization places a high value on customer connection and engagement.  Measuring engagement requires powerful tools to understand your customers.  Using your existing, compatible Wi-Fi network infrastructure, Front Porch provides your organization with a record of visits by correlating a Wi-Fi device such as a smart phone with location and time.

As society is increasingly mobile and is drawn in many directions, it becomes more important to develop tools and methods that assist in tracking visitors.  Front Porch Wi-Fi Presence enables sophisticated metrics and empowers digital and personal follow-up with those who visit and frequent your sites.

Front Porch Wi-Fi Presence is offered as a cloud-based service connecting to the Wi-Fi controller with an affordable annual subscription.  The solution is easy to connect and configure and begins to produce results the first week.  We offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and free consultations to determine the best solution for your location.


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