OCT 3, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — Front Porch, leading provider of subscriber engagement solutions, announced today that Founder and CEO, Zach Britton will be speaking at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in a panel session titled “Innovative Services over Wi-Fi” on Thursday, Oct 9th at 5:15 PM in downtown San Francisco.

During the panel, Mr. Britton will describe several examples of top service providers’ innovative uses of the Front Porch Wi-Fi branding solution. “The adoption of auto-authentication by Carrier Wi-Fi makes connecting to Wi-Fi easier for subscribers, but it creates new challenges. The absence of a splash page means that service providers lose a valuable branding and promotional opportunity. Suddenly, people do not know what Wi-Fi they are connected to, because it happens automatically.  Front Porch brings back branding for Carrier Wi-Fi and creates new opportunities for creative applications,” said Britton.

Many Front Porch customers are promoting relevant apps to specific devices for immediate download.  Britton explains “There is nothing more relevant than being offered a free Olympics Video App during the weeks of the Olympics, especially when there are more than a million apps available in app stores. Another popular application of Front Porch messaging is data usage alerts. Subscribers appreciate being informed of how much data they have used while on the Wi-Fi network, reinforcing the value delivered by using less of their cellular data plan.”

About Front Porch, Inc.

Front Porch offers broadband service providers an innovative and effective network-based subscriber notification solution that solves key communication needs and improves ISP-to-Subscriber engagement. With Front Porch, service providers reach 100% of subscribers with important account status and promotional messages. Front Porch’s network-based subscriber engagement platform ensures every user gets the right message in the right location at the right time.  Top mobile and fixed line operators have benefited from Front Porch subscriber communication solutions since 1998.   Front Porch is globally deployed and delivering value to Tier 1 operators in multiple markets.