Front Porch’s Virtual Option Already Deployed in Some of the World’s Largest Production Networks

Sonora, California – April 5, 2016 – Front Porch, the world’s leading provider of innovative subscriber engagement solutions, now offers a fully virtual option of its PorchLight® appliance. Taking advantage of existing VMWare infrastructure, the virtualized PorchLight saves time, money, and space by giving Internet Service Providers (ISPs) a dynamic solution to deliver content to their subscribers without any additional hardware.

“We’ve been able to implement our messaging platform in a virtual environment for several years now for some of our largest customers,” said Carlos Vazquez, chief technical officer for Front Porch. “We have perfected this particular method of deployment and are already working on expanding it into the networks of more of our clients.”

The benefits of a virtualized PorchLight are numerous. As Front Porch has clients all around the globe, a virtual deployment solution gets the PorchLight’s message delivery platform up and running much faster than using a physical appliance by avoiding shipping delays and customs.

For both international and domestic Front Porch customers alike, the virtualized installation method also provides a seamless option to get its best-of-breed in-browser messaging operating in a matter of hours. Deployed via VMWare, Front Porch’s virtual PorchLight configuration allows for high amounts of flexibility, multiple installation options, and dynamic scaling, which enable rapid provisioning of new PorchLights.

“The cost savings by deploying virtualized appliances can be appealing to service providers as well, as fewer physical devices can translate into reduced energy bills and cooling costs,” Vazquez added.

Front Porch is proud to sponsor the upcoming Wi-Fi Now conference April 19-21 in Washington, D.C., and key executives will be available at the Front Porch booth for meetings. For more information about Front Porch, please visit

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