Providers Rely on Front Porch’s Network-Based In-Browser Notification Technology to Keep Customers Engaged and Reduce Churn Risk During Transition

Sonora, California – April 28, 2016 – Front Porch®, the world’s leading provider of innovative subscriber engagement solutions, offers Internet service providers (ISPs) a provable, seamless method to communicate with their customers throughout the entire process of a merger or acquisition with the PorchLight® subscriber engagement platform.

Utilizing this industry-leading proprietary technology, ISPs that use the PorchLight can reach their customers before, during, and after the merger process, with messages that are formatted to every individual device within the household. This ensures both new and existing customers are fully aware of any changes they may experience and any actionable items they must make. This purposeful, managed customer dialogue during the transition eliminates serious revenue leakage.

“The last thing a provider needs during a merger or acquisition is customer unease,” said Dave Salzer, vice president of global sales operations at Front Porch. “With our patented messaging capabilities, ISPs can ensure that every subscriber on their network is well aware of what’s going on, and when called for, we facilitate easily taking any needed steps to maintain their account functionality.”

For customers of an acquired ISP, Front Porch technology is the optimal way to inform them of:

  • Changes to their email address or account information;
  • New destinations for auto-bill payments to avoid service interruption;
  • Notifications of any new, updated, or eliminated services.

An acquiring ISP can also message unaffected subscribers in order to assure them that nothing about their account or services will be affected in any way, eliminating the reflex to go shopping for a new service provider.

“We’ve always been a customer-centric company, so minimizing subscriber disruption and confusion is a big part of who we are,” Salzer added. “The whole idea is for subscribers to be thrilled about their carrier. Loyalty is a direct result of superior customer experience, and communicating that kind of care is where we spend our time.”

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